My Financial-Worth Plan

My Financial-Worth is an exclusive product that is available for the Security, Protection and Peace of mind for your entire family.

My Financial-Worth is your protection and your direction of increased wealth.


You no longer need to make a life changing decision alone. We have tooled you with all resources necessary to Living Healthy, Wealthy, With a Wise Lifestyle.

You and your family deserve the best in life and it is time that you position yourself with tools that will assist daily in increasing your net worth as well as protect your current assets.

  • Credit is the Foundation of a Better Life

    Our firm is your resource for credit guidance and information. Whether you are looking for information on credit reports or how to protect yourself from identity theft allow us to be your resource. Our agents stay current in the consumer credit industry. Ensuring that we remain up-to-date on all of the newest information, laws, regulations, and techniques in our field. Thus, we are able to offer advice that will positively affect your credit health.

    We continue to see the removal of hundreds of questionable negative items from credit reports each day.

    Questionable negative items being removed.


    • - Personal credit consultation
    • - Education on the laws and your rights
    • - Direct communication with the bureaus on your behalf
    • - Contract review
    • - Identity theft protection

Body Worth Premium Foods

Body Worth Premium Foods is the nation's Largest premium restaurant quality food Distribution network.

Body Worth Premium Foods...Because Your Body's Worth it!

Body Worth Premium Foods is proud for providing the unsurpassed flavor and tenderness of USDA Prime Steaks and restaurant quality foods to the comfort of your home. Our steaks are the same exceptional quality of the Prime Time Top 10 Steakhouses in North America.

Body Worth Premium Foods

Body Worth Premium Foods' Prime steaks are custom prepared for a taste experience that you won't soon forget. Our superb premium quality foods are shipped direct to consumers and guaranteed to arrive at your door in wholesome condition.

Each individual cut is separately shrink-wrapped and frozen fresh to seal the natural juiciness and buttery flavor.

Your order is packed in an attractive gift box and placed in a sturdy reusable polystyrene container with ice packs for safe delivery.

Body Worth Premium Foods
Body Worth Premium Foods