JMG NET-WORTH started its journey on October 28, 2008 with one mission in mind; to “Improve the lives of as many people as possible.” With lessons of faith, hope and charity taught by his mother, Paul D. Jones learned early on the importance of planting the seeds for a greater future. To get a greater look at the true history of JMG Net-Worth we will need to go back to a day in 1997, when a stranger in passing handed Jones a business card and stated, “If you want to make some real money, call me!” At first, this approach struck a bad accord with Paul, as he wasn’t impressed. However, shortly thereafter when the bank turned him down for a mortgage loan, he was even less impressed and this motivated him to make a change. Furious at his own ignorance regarding money matters, Jones soon called the stranger back and began to channel his previous frustrations into pure marketing and home-based business success. Within a short period of time he accomplished the seemingly impossible; his debts were cleared and the new home was purchased.

From then on, Jones activated the Excel for Life Tour, naming his group the 60K A Month Group. Leaders of this organization held goals to collectively contribute $60,000 a month to helping children fund their educations. From that time on, Jones took his passion, success, and experience in leading large groups of entrepreneurs and knew that this was his calling and starting point to educate them in all areas of finance and living a balanced life. This was the beginning of JMG Net-Worth.

Our Mission

Today at JMG Net-Worth, we aim to create financially free families, who will gain a full understanding of what it means to be financially literate. The core of our company is considered “The Life Business,” because your life is a business. With services such as My Financial-Worth and Body Worth Premium Foods, we take pride in offering a very relevant and lucrative home-based business.